At the Bobet Law Firm, our focus is to represent the victims of accidents that have suffered serious personal injury. Our goal is to provide the very best representation to each client and keep them informed throughout all stages of their ...



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If you have lost a loved one, you need to talk to an attorney right away to protect your legal rights. If someone close to you has died as the result of the negligence of another, contact the Bobet Law Firm, ...

At the Bobet Law Firm, our focus is to represent the victims of accidents that have suffered serious personal injury. Our goal is to provide the very best representation to each client and keep them informed throughout all stages of their claim.

Quick tips regarding Automobile Accidents:

1. Immediately following an automobile accident you should not admit liability at the scene of the accident, nor should you give a statement to any insurance representative. Please notify your own insurance company immediately regarding the details of the accident, but do not give a recorded statement until you have an opportunity to contact my office to discuss your legal rights.

2. Immediately following the accident you should attempt to preserve any and all documentary evidence including digital photographs of the property damage to all vehicles involved in the accident. Please attempt to take photographs that depict a 360° view of each vehicle. In addition, please take photographs of any interior damage of the vehicle.  If you have sustained cuts and abrasions following the accident, please take photographs of this as well.

3. Attempt to obtain the name, home address and telephone number of any independent witnesses to the accident.  On many occasions, the other driver will say one thing at the scene of the accident and then tell his insurance company a completely different story. The assistance of an independent witness can be invaluable in proving who was at fault for the accident.  In addition to obtaining their information, also attempt to obtain a digital photograph of the independent witness with your cell phone or digital camera.  When obtaining information from a potential independent witness, please ask them for their drivers license number and/or work telephone number. Independent witnesses can move and change their cell phone number.

4. Please make sure that you obtain either a driver exchange of information form filled out by the investigating officer and/or a complete accident report from the police department.  This document contains important information regarding insurance coverage for the at fault party that is necessary to prosecute your claim.

5. Regarding the damage to your vehicle, please make sure that you notify both insurance companies immediately regarding the location of your vehicle following the automobile accident. If your motor vehicle is not drivable from the scene of the accident, it will be taken to either a storage or a repair facility. Either of these facilities will begin to charge you daily storage charges. Under Florida law, each individual is required to mitigate their damages. This means that even though you are the victim of the negligence of another party, you still have an obligation to make sure that you don’t incur damages that can be avoided. If your vehicle is incurring daily storage charges, it is your responsibility to move your vehicle to a location where no storage charges are being incurred.  Our office can assist in preventing any avoidable costs.

6. If you are experiencing pain following an automobile accident you should contact either your primary care physician or present yourself to the local emergency room for evaluation. Florida law makes your automobile no-fault insurance primary in relation to paying for medical bills that are related to the automobile accident. Under this insurance policy you may select any licensed physician to provide medical care in relation to your injuries. Your automobile no-fault medical insurance provides for the payment of $10,000 of economic damages, whether they are in the form of medical bills or lost wages. Should your no-fault medical insurance policy become exhausted, you may then use your supplemental health insurance, be it public or private, to continue receiving medical treatment in the event that the treatment is reasonable and medically necessary.

If you feel that you have been wrongfully injured, please contact our law office for a free consultation at (813) 872-7799.  You email me at with any question regarding your claim.  You may also use the form on the right to receive a free case evaluation.  If you wish to schedule an internet video conference via SKYPE, please contact Liliet on our main line: 813-872-7799.


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